Concordia Charter School
142 N. Date St., Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: 480-461-0555
Fax: 480-461-0556

ESSA Notice




Concordia recognizes the importance of parental involvement and encourages parent participation. An open invitation is extended to parents to visit their child's assigned school site any time between Monday and Thursday. It is Concordia's desire to offer all interested parents an opportunity to meet their child's teachers and other support staff in an effort to promote the successful education of their child. Parents who visit their child's school can gain insight into the learning and educational process used by Concordia. Special Parent/Teacher/ESSA Conferences will be scheduled periodically throughout the school year. Watch for specific dates each year on your student's school calendar and in the Student/Parent Handbook. Specific dates will vary each year. When visiting the school, parents can review staff resumes, which are kept on the school site. In addition, Parent/Teacher Academic Conferences will be scheduled each fall after the first Progress Report is sent home.