Concordia Charter School
142 N. Date St., Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: 480-461-0555
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About Us

Concordia Charter School, Inc., founded in 2004, was established as a K-8 public charter school to provide parents in disadvantaged communities with the choice of a high quality education for their children in a small, safe and nurturing environment.

The school operates on the campus of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in the CANDO neighborhood of northwest Mesa, Arizona. The school uses the highly acclaimed Core Knowledge curriculum to provide a high expectations, high performance academic environment for its students. 95% of the school's students qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, a nationally recognized poverty indicator. The school has a minority rate in excess of 95% with over 44% of the children classified as English Language Learners (ELL).

While every effort is made to create an effective and efficient classroom learning experience for the children during the school day, children who live in economically challenged environments require more time to catch up culturally and academically with children who do not face the same challenges. This is why having a well-developed extra-curricular activities program that includes tutoring, academic clubs, organized recreational activities, field trips, etc., is so important to this population of students.

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Our Mission

The mission of Concordia Charter School is to provide families a choice for a high quality education for their child(ren) in a safe, caring and harmonious environment.

Our Motto

Providing educational excellence and equity to the most vulnerable children in Arizona.

Our Vision

In order to carry out its mission Concordia Charter School, Inc. will:

  • Develop and operate a K-8 charter school program in Mesa, Arizona.
  • Educate children, regardless of ethnic, cultural, or social-economic class, to become fully literate, productive citizens of our society.
  • Offer children opportunities to excel beyond the guidelines outlined in the Arizona State Educational Standards.
  • Create and nurture meaningful relationships with parents so they can be partners in their child's education.
  • Create and promote a safe, harmonious, disciplined, and tobacco-, alcohol-, and drug-free environment.
  • Adhere to all Arizona State requirements including mandated testing (e.g. AzMERIT) and a 45-day screening for all incoming students. The 45-day screening provides information that may indicate a student's need for further testing by our Special Education Department. All referrals are kept confidential and parents are notified.
  • Recognize and encourage parent involvement and participation.
  • Require mastery in all core academic subjects required by the Arizona Department of Education. Concordia sets mastery level at 80% for a passing ("C") grade.
  • Stress the importance of character development in students to successfully participate in school.
  • Collaborate as staff, teachers, volunteers, and community leaders to utilize the talents and creativity of all persons.

Our Values

The statement of Values of Concordia Charter School, Inc. serves as an internal compass to guide our relationships and actions:

  • Equality – We affirm the worth and spiritual freedom of each person and treat all people with respect, integrity and dignity.
  • Compassion – We embrace the whole person and respond to emotional, ethical and spiritual concerns, as well as educational needs in our commitment to unselfishly care for others.
  • Excellence – We empower people to continually improve the outcomes of our service, to advance quality and to increase innovation and openness to new ideas.
  • Partnership – We collaborate as staff, teachers, volunteers and community leaders to utilize the talents and creativity of all persons.
  • Stewardship – We are responsible and accountable for all we are, have and do.