Concordia Charter School
142 N. Date St., Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: 480-461-0555
Fax: 480-461-0556

Welcome to Concordia Charter School, Inc.!

We are here to provide families a choice for high-quality educational opportunities in a safe, harmonious learning environment. We are committed to addressing the learning strengths and needs of each child through the various programs that we have chosen and Concordia is a Friend of Core Knowledge®. Core Knowledge® is a curriculum that provides a solid, coherent foundation of learning, while allowing flexibility to meet local needs. Click on Curriculum for more information.

Per A.R.S §38-431.02. Notice of Meetings for Concordia Charter School, Inc. will be posted on this website under Public Notices. Notices will also be posted outside school office at 142 N. Date St., Mesa, AZ 85201.

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AVERAGE TEACHER SALARY (A.R.S. §15-189.05), as added by Laws 2018, Ch. 285, §3

  1. Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2019       $ 42,204
  2. Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2018       $ 38,413
  3. Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2018       $ 3,791
  4. Percentage increase 9.9%